Cheap Real Estate in Wyoming

I have always wanted to own a lot of property, but unfortunately, the prices for land in my home state are too high. So I have been looking for alternative places to live. I am currently looking into pricing for Cody Wyoming real estate and I think it might be a good place for me to buy some property, and to build a house. I know that the land prices in Wyoming are much cheaper than where I am from, and that should provide me with the opportunity to buy the amount of land that I would like to have.

I am going to want to purchase at least 40 acres. I am an avid equestrian, but at my current house, I do not have nearly enough land for a horse. I would like to teach my children how to ride, and to do so, I am going to need land and a few horses. I own my own business, and it is not based on any physical assets, so it does not really matter where I live. So, I really have the freedom to move wherever I want, and I do think that I will end up moving to Wyoming.

Wyoming seems like a great place to own horses. It is the kind of place that still evokes images of cowboys, and the old west, even though the frontier closed over a hundred years ago. I think it will be a more simple life as well, and that is important to me. I grew up in a fairly large city, and life is too busy in big cities. I think that you miss out on a lot of the more important aspects of life, amidst all of the hustle and bustle of a big city. But maybe that is just my opinion.


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