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Climate Controlled Business Record Storage

Monday, June 9th, 2014

eco friendly store - eco friendly fashion store decor interior from ...My employees convinced me to visit store friendly last week. They sort of had an intervention when I told them to put the extra boxes of files in the men’s bathroom. There was one stall that did not have a toilet in it, and I told them to stack the boxes in there on top of some upended plastic bins to keep the cardboard boxes off of the tile floor in case of minor flooding. Yes, I was thinking ahead, just not clearly. I remember my secretary saying, “Seriously, you want us to put files in the bathroom?”

Well, there was not enough room in our tiny office, and I could not afford to lease a new space this year.


Starting to Think About Summer Vacation

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

So summer vacation is coming up on me pretty fast and I am thinking about spending the whole season down at the beach. I am looking for a place to stay, but not the sort of place where you spend fifty to a hundred and fifty dollars for every night. What I am looking for is a place within say a five or ten minute walk from the beach where I can pay rent pretty much like I do at the place I have near the campus. I was looking at this site, hoping that they could help me out. So far it is not really looking that good, but I know that you must be able to find some place to stay. (more…)