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Bronx Rentals Have Better Prices Than Uptown

Monday, July 21st, 2014

I moved to an area I could afford in New York after looking at the various Bronx rentals that were available. I was paying too much for a smaller apartment in an area that was recommended to me by a friend. My time in my apartment is minimal. It is my place to retreat to after long days at work that often end up being a long two days at work. I do not throw dinner parties, and I do not have many relatives who visit. I go to my parent’s house for Christmas. They do not come here. I did not need the apartment I had. I opted for a place that is actually a little bigger than the other apartment, but it is not in one of those fancy buildings the younger crowds like.

I know a person who is paying a fortune for a tiny place uptown because she sees it as a status symbol or sort of a brand. She is like that with everything from her cellphone to her clothes and the car she drives.