Fun Times in the Apartment

My friends told me that the apartments in Portland OR have never been cheaper than they are now. They told me this because they wanted to move into an apartment together and wanted me to join them. I had been living with my parents for 2 years because the prices for apartments were too high for me and I didn’t want to get a home. I checked out the apartment prices with my friends and we found a really good price on an apartment.

I packed up all my things into a moving truck and had it sent to the new apartment. My parents had mixed emotions about me leaving. On one hand, they were sad that I was leaving the nest, but on the other hand, they were happy that I would be taking care of myself. They were also happy that they would have the house all to themselves. Since I was the first one to get to the apartment, I was able to choose which room I wanted. All the rooms were pretty much identical, but it’s nice to have a say in the matter.

Later that day my friends moved their things into the apartment and I helped them settle in. Once we were all moved in, we decided to have a little party to celebrate. We ordered some pizzas and invited a few people over. Since I brought my game console with me, we played a dancing game. It was funny watching everyone try to dance along to the songs, especially once everyone had a few beers in their system. At some point, we stopped caring about trying to dance according to the cues on the screen and just started doing any dance moves that came to mind. It was certainly a fun night that we would always remember.


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