Getting an Accurate Property Appraisal is Easy if You Use a Reputable Appraisal Company

I was thinking of selling an empty lot my dad owned. I have been paying the minimal taxes on it for years now. I mow the grass and keep it clear of clutter. I got an offer to buy it from a local resident. He said he would have it appraised. The amount it was appraised for was very low, but I had an official document from the appraiser. Well, it turns out that the appraiser is a friend of that person. Instead, I hired a reputable Sacramento appraisal service to look at the property. They were convinced that the location made it worth three times that of the other appraisal. That is a huge difference!

Depending on who you hire to do a property appraisal, you may get different amounts for value of a property. Mine was just an empty lot. Imagine people selling homes! This is why I insisted on using a reputable company to do the property appraisal. They were the same Sacramento appraisal service that gives us a value for the house we bought. I trusted them to tell us the real facts. Sure, when we bought our house we were hoping for a low appraisal. However, we knew that the area was nice and the house was in great shape. The appraisal reflected that.

The guy who wanted to buy the lot for a very low price was not happy I got an independent appraisal. When I pointed out that using his friend to do it was a conflict of interest, he did not know what to say. He was not aware that I knew. When I showed him a legitimate appraisal for the property he did not question it at all and just wrote us a check for the full amount. It is tough to argue with accurate appraisals, and he knew that trying a third company would be useless. He knew the appraisal I got was a fair value for the property.


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