Got a Great Deal on an Apartment

When I started out searching for a new place to live, the idea was not to look for luxury apartments in Colton CA since that was not really in the price range that I was thinking about and there is simply no way that I could afford a place like this if I was carrying all of the weight on my own. However I just happened to run into this guy that I had known in high school. He was in a pretty big hurry until I told him that I had been looking at apartments. Then he smiled and asked me if I wanted to move in with him and this other guy. I did not really commit, but asked him where it was and if the other guy was easy to get along with. He laughed and told me that it was hard not to get along with him, since his job had him flying all over the country and he was only at home about a quarter of the time.

The guy who traveled all of the time had his name on the lease and it made a lot of sense for him to keep two roommates, since he was paying much less rent that way. At any rate the third guy had just packed up and disappeared, which did not surprise either of the other guys. They did not seem to be very downhearted about it, although they obviously wanted someone to take his place and also pay his share of the rent. I was eager to go along when I saw the place and figured out that a third of the rent on this place was far less than what I had budgeted for a single bedroom place. Since my name is not on the lease I am not really exposed to much risk.


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