I Saved Money by Making My Own Website to Share My Home Listings

I have been working full time to sell homes in our area over the last for years. I have done well at it, but I have been feeling like I could do better in getting my name out there in front of more prospective customers for awhile now. I had been thinking of getting a website, but I know it can be expensive to have someone create one for me. Fellow agents said I should look into real estate website templates so that I can just make one myself. I realized that I wanted to take my time to think about it after talking to some pros who might be able to help me first.

I decided to call a couple of different people in the area who make websites. After explaining what type of website I would be interested in, they both gave me price quotes. I was surprised to learn that it can cost thousands of dollars to have a site created for you. This was simply not something I was prepared to do at the moment. While I was doing relatively well selling houses, I am a single mom and money is very tight.

Thinking about the advice I had received from my fellow agents about making my own website, I jumped online and looked for the templates they had told me about. I am not very technically savvy, and really hoped making my own site would not be hard. I was pleased to learn that for about $20 monthly, I can get a site hosted and I can do the work myself. I don’t need to do anything more than type my information into a template, upload a photo of myself and then upload everything. It only took me about 45 minutes to do, and I saved a lot of money doing it.


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