Just Got My First Job After College

I am working for the university here, the U of Louisiana Lafayette or the Ragin Cajuns as their sports teams are called. I was on Facebook talking to one of my friends from LSU and he told me about this job. He had seen it on a message board or something and sought me out to show me the listing. I drove down here last week and put on the suit my Dad bought me for a graduation gift. They hired me right off and asked me if I could start tomorrow. I was looking for apartments in lafayette la when I got out the door of that place. I figured that it would be easy to find a place that was really convenient to the campus, but of course the places that the students could afford were pretty much filled up already. School was already in session and all of those places were full up.

I was looking for a place that was within jogging distance of the campus administration building. Of course everything is technically within jogging distance of every other thing, but I mean a place that I could jog to in a practical amount of time. In fact I usually get up around six in the morning and jog for a couple of hours in the morning now. It is a habit that I got from training for cross country. Of course I am not really in training any longer, but I certainly want to stay fit. My guess is that in a good week I would job around thirty or so miles. So I would obviously like it best to have a place that was around three miles from the campus. Of course now I am running in a big circuit, as I have no place to go and end up where I started.


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