New Management Job and New Corporate Apartment in Huntsville AL

Hey, I guess I’m an executive now. A corporate executive if you will. I have a title and everything. However, I am not making a fortune. I still need to be frugal in the choice of where to live. When I got my job in Alabama I needed to find corporate apartments in Huntsville AL that were affordable to me on my entry-level management salary. Yes, I have a business card that has a fancy title on it. My job is actually kind of important too. My mom is impressed by it. However, it does not come with a lot of perks. I need to move up about two more levels to enjoy that.

The nice thing is that the corporate apartments in Huntsville AL do come with a lot of perks, and the place is still very affordable on my salary. I got a really nice apartment that has a nice fitness center, a large resort-style pool. The even have a car care center. The common area has billiards and a coffee bar. My apartment has cathedral ceilings and plenty of space. Everything in it is really new. This place is perfect for corporate workers who need a nice place to live that is affordable.

I think I will stay even after my next promotion. I like it here. I enjoy my neighbors that I do get to see, and I have made a few friends I don’t want to give up. I am not sure if I would move into a fancier place if I move up two more levels in the company. I am happy with what I have now. I could take the extra money and apply it toward an early retirement. That actually makes more sense in today’s economy. It was a nice find to get an apartment like this for the money they are asking.


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