Owning Our Own Private Villa in Mykonos Greece

My wife and I talked about a retirement home in the south. We both had the mindset from our youth to work hard early to retire young. Whereas some people who get a decent financial gain in life want to keep on making more and more, our goal was to stop working to generate income and just do the things we wanted and liked to do. One of those things was visiting Greece. We had been there before a few times. We decided to look at Mykonos villas to purchase to own. We had rented a couple in the past, and now we wanted our own Grecian getaway that would probably become a semi-permanent home.

We enjoyed the climate. It never got too hot, and it never gets too cold. In Mykonos it is around 48 degrees Fahrenheit in January with it being about the mid 80s in July. I can live with that kind of climate year round. Here, if you go far south, it gets blisteringly hot and humid in the summer, and the north is frigid in the winter. Mykonos is a bit more temperate and to our liking. The Mykonos villas we were looking at are newer places. Some have just been built a couple of years ago. The architecture is incredible. The villas have large open spaces and are made for relaxed luxury living. One of my favorite things is an elevated bed platform on the balcony of one place we stayed at. I would go out there and enjoy the ocean breeze while reading a book lying on a comfortable bed. It was an outdoor mattress on a platform that was suspended from the ceiling by four pipes.

We finally picked a place a few miles outside of Mykonos. Close enough to enjoy shopping and entertainment, but far enough away to have some privacy. In retirement we want a place of solitude to pursue our passions as we like. I finally can paint and sculpt to my heart’s content while my wife writes novels she wants rather than the ones her publisher wanted her to write.


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