Quick Lease Option Saved Me

I was in dire need of Henderson apartments after seeing a spot of black mold on the wall in our basement. At first we thought it might just be a random occurrence and that hopefully we caught it early, but such was not to be. After having the house inspected we learned that our home is infested with this stuff. It is going to take, at a minimum, two months to tear out walls and do a thorough cleaning to get rid of it. And it’s important to get rid of it because inhaling this stuff can sicken or kill you.

Thankfully, insurance is covering the clean up. In the meantime, we desperately needed to find a place to live for the next two to three months. Moving in with friends would be an imposition, so we decided to look for an apartment. It needed to be nice in a nice area and, most importantly, it needed to have a flexible lease policy. Many apartment units won’t rent to people on a short term basis so I was very worried about finding something meeting our needs. I had visions of sleeping in our cars going through my head when we finally found our salvation.

And what a salvation it is! They bill themselves as luxury living, and they are not joking. The kitchen is nicer than what we have, what with the modern appliances and fantastic granite counter tops. The apartment is roomy, too, which gives us the space for peace and quiet. There’s nothing worse than tripping over a family member every time you turn around! We got a three month lease without any problem whatsoever and we are treating this like an extended vacation even though we still go to work. I am so thankful we were able to get a spot here!


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